Upgrade to 4G LTE
Reliance Wipod
Reliance 4G Wi-Pod

Key Features:

* 4G WiFi enabled router

* Download speeds of upto 150 Mbps

* Inbuilt battery of 2300 mAh

* 31 user connectivity

* Micro SD card slot, upto 32 GB

* FD-LTE & TD-LTE support

* Pocket friendly, weighs only 80 grams

Migration process of Reliance Datacard

* For prepaid datacard ,recharge your existing CDMA connection with the 4G upgrade recharge.

* For prepaid datacard after recharging & postpaid datacard, please follow the following steps.

* Plug your Reliance data card in the desktop port & click on "Upgrade to 4G" banner on the customer landing page, or type http://www.reliancenetconnect.co.in / in your browser address bar and click on the banner.

*In the "Upgrade to 4G" form , enter your existing Reliance Datacard number , if your number does not appear automatically. Proceed to fill your 4G SIM number & key details like alternate mobile number.

* Process to get your new 4G Datacard. Your 4G Datacard will be shipped to your address.

* Your upgrade to 4G is now complete.

* 48 hours prior to the date of launch, you will receive an SMS on your alternate mobile number to start using your 4G SIM.