Netconnect Phone Modem
Just connect your Reliance CDMA mobile phone or Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) to your PC (laptop/desktop) using a data cable and get started. If your phone has an in-built modem, you can enjoy high speed internet connectivity without any need for a separate ISP connection for operating the set.
Reliance Netconnect High Speed 1X service enables a user to surf the Internet without being tied down to a landline from any location - truly anywhere, anytime internet access.
The Reliance network advantage -
  • This remarkable service virtually converts the whole of India into a wireless hot spot.
  • 24000 towns and 6 lakhs villages and counting
  • On highways, rail routes, airport lounges and remote locations.
System Requirements
  • Pentium, Celeron, AMD processor with 333 MHz or above.
  • Minimum requirement of 64 MB RAM.
  • CD ROM drive.
  • USB Port.
Operating System
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Me
  • Windows 98 SE
Networking Software
  • Dial-up networking 1.3
  • Dial-up adapter (for Windows 98 SE) and TCP/IP as a part of network configuration.
  • IE 5.5 or above / Chrome /Netscape 7.1 or above
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why does my computer sometimes say 'Connected at 115200 bps' when the phone is capable of upto 144 Kbps?
    When your computer reports a speed of 115200 bps, it is referring to the speed across the interface between the phone and the computer. The speed between your phone and the Reliance CDMA 1X National Network (and thus the overall system speed) can reach a maximum of up to 144 kbps.
  • How does my Reliance Mobile differ from a standard external modem?
    Your standard external modem needs a fixed line phone connection to connect to the Internet, while your Reliance Mobile is a wireless phone with an inbuilt modem. Your mobile phone itself has a high-speed modem built-in that can support up to 144 Kbps data rate. You can also make or receive phone calls when the data connection is dormant, without having to terminate the existing connection, and resume the data session when the voice call is over.
  • Is it OK to end a data call in the same way I end a voice call - by pressing END?
    Using your phone to end a data call won't usually cause problems. However, it is recommended that you end all wireless data sessions via the dialer.
  • What will happen if my battery runs out during a data call?
    The call will end. To avoid this, charge the battery while using the phone to connect to the Internet.
  • What should be the strength of a signal to be able to use Reliance Netconnect?
    Data transmission can occur at any signal strength level. However, the connection will be more reliable with higher signal strength — at least two bars on the signal level meter.
  • What happens if someone calls me when my Reliance Mobile is on a data call?
    The caller will get a 'busy tone' if your phone is actively transmitting or receiving data. However, if the phone status is "Dormant", you will be able to make or receive voice calls as usual.
  • What happens if I disconnect the data cable in the middle of a call?
    It is recommended that this should not be done as it may lead to permanent damage to the electronics inside your Mobile or your computer.
  • Can I use my internal modem ( Inbuilt PC / Laptop modem) with my Mobile to place a data call?
    No. Your Reliance Mobile has a built in modem and is configured to communicate to the Reliance CDMA 1X network only.
  • Why don't I hear dialing (touch-tone) sounds from my Mobile when placing a data call?
    When using an ordinary modem, you hear dialing (touch-tone) sounds because the modem is negotiating the data rate and other communications parameters with the modem / access server at the other end over a voice-based analog communication channel. When using Reliance Netconnect, your phone places the call on the Reliance Nationwide Digital CDMA 1X Network, and the call parameters get negotiated digitally within a fraction of a second and therefore you may not hear any dialing sounds.
  • Can I connect to my existing ISP account using Reliance Mobile?
    No. Your Reliance Mobile is configured to connect to the Reliance CDMA 1X network only.
  • What would be my average throughput speed?
    Several factors affect the average throughput speed (end-to-end speed). Broadly these are your computer's configuration (CPU speed, RAM, etc), the radio network (number of concurrent users, radio resource availability), data network and the Internet (the site that is accessed, traffic/congestion at that site). The radio network can support speeds up to 144 Kbps.
  • Can I use my existing data cable/dialer when I switch from one model to another?
    It depends upon the make and model. Some manufacturers use the same modem across all models (Example: Samsung) while some have model-specific modems. It is recommended that when you switch models you should use the model specific data cable and make a new dialer.